The acronym DUMBO stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and describes the old industrial district along the Brooklyn Waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Chief among DUMBO’s many assets are its dramatic, unrestrained views of the Manhattan skyline. St. Ann’s Warehouse at 45 Water Street offers stunning views of both the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges.

Beyond the waterside park, the cobblestone streets are full of surprises: a chocolatier, art studios and galleries, furniture makers and retail sellers, an ice cream factory and stained glass watertower, and even a restored, vintage carousel.

Don’t eat before you come to St. Ann’s Warehouse! BAR JOLIE, curated by Vinegar Hill House, provides seasonal light fare and premium beverages.

For more recommendations and cultural activities in the neighborhood, check out the Dumbo Improvement District website at dumbo.is.

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